How to quickly turn a character in a photo into a 3D Disney cartoon image?

A character cartoon photo has recently become very popular on various social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat. This cartoon photo looks in the style of characters from Disney movies with large eyes and rose-colored cheeks, an effect known as the “Pixar filter” or “anime filter”.

How is this style of cartoon photo made? In fact, it is very simple, you do not need to have very professional image processing skills, just a simple photo upload can be obtained, the following I will take you to understand how to quickly and easily turn your portrait photos into this 3D Disney cartoon image photos it.

Step 1: Open into Imgkits, select “Pixar Filter” and click into it.

Step 2: Click “Upload Image” and upload the portrait photo of the person you want to turn into a cartoon image.

Step 3: Wait for 2 seconds, you will see the photo converted to 3D Disney cartoon image. Click the red “Download” button to save the generated 3D Disney cartoon photo to your desktop album; click the “Re-Upload image” button to re-upload the character photo.

Click on the small image under “More effects”, you can also replace the generated photos with different effects.

The above is how to use imgkits to turn a portrait photo into a 3D Disney cartoon photo and the steps to do so, you can get the cartoon photo you want in 5 seconds with a simple upload, this AI intelligent processing technology is really great, share it with your friends and use it together. and if you ever wonder how to start a photography business, you can check this site for further steps.